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In 2017, State Grid applied for 9,118 invention patents and was granted 3,864. As of the end of 2017, State Grid had a total of 73,350 patents, including 16,064 invention patents. State Grid ranked first among the central enterprises in terms of number of patent applications, authorizations, and accumulated ownership for seven consecutive years.

State Grid attaches great importance to the development of technical standards. Under the guidance of related state departments and China Electricity Council, State Grid was able to constantly improve its standard development mechanism and has established a mature standard system with significant progress in standard development and revision. After years of hard work, State Grid made new breakthroughs in internationalization of standards, which not only supported corporate and grid development, but also helped China to increase its international influence in standard development.Since 2010, State Grid has taken the lead to establish 47 international standards, established and revised 1,346 national and industrial standards, issued 1,865 corporate standards and undertaken 37 tasks assigned by the Secretariat of National Industrial Standard Commission.