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Poverty alleviation through the development of PV projects:a bright way to getting rich

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In recent years, State Grid Qinghai Electric Power Company actively promoted the construction of PV power stations for poverty alleviation, making itself a model for poverty alleviation through the development of PV projects and realizing maximum economic, social and environmental benefits.

Qinghai has two natural advantages in developing poverty alleviation through PV projects: sunshine and land.

Qinghai has a large poverty-stricken population scattered across the province due to diverse and complicated reasons. Therefore, the battle against poverty is extremely difficult to fight in Qinghai. Against such background, how to help as much rural residents as possible to permanently get rid of poverty is the most urgent task for State Grid and the local government.

Stemming the root cause of poverty

Driving to a place 14km away from the city of Golmud, you will see a deep-blue lake. Looking ahead, you can see neat rows of polycrystalline silicon solar panel shinning under the light, giving vitality to the endless barren desert. This is where the 0.22km2 Maduo 10MW PV power project for poverty alleviation is located.

By 25 August, 2017, Maduo 10MW PV power station has generated a total of 2081.2KWh of power with a benefit of 3.8 million RMB in 2016 alone, increasing the income of 1,132 registered poor households by 3,357 RMB on average.  

Located in the South of Qinghai, Maduo is a national key town for poverty alleviation and development with the highest altitude in China and the smallest population in Qinghai. It is also a targeted town for poverty alleviation of State Grid.

In 2016, Maduo embraced a new opportunity in targeted poverty alleviation. The State Grid PV Industrial Park in the eastern exit of Golmud invested 92.82 million RMB to build a 10MW PV power station for poverty alleviation to help residents of Maduo Town, Guoluo Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Qinghai to shake off poverty. Being put into operation on 26 May, 2016, the project was able to realize completion of construction operation and profit generation in the same year, making it the first PV power station in China with all net profit being put into poverty alleviation. The project provides new perspectives and channels for the organic integration of targeted poverty alleviation and the development of ecological civilization.

The construction and operation of the 10MW PV power station for poverty alleviation in Maduo is a benchmark in the implementation of the “State Grid Sunshine Poverty Relief Action”. With an expected operation period of 25 years, the power station laid a solid foundation for the poverty alleviation goal of Maduo in 2020. To ensure that the project could be put into operation as scheduled, State Grid Qinghai Electric Power Company established Golmud State Grid Sunshine Poverty Relief Action Operation and Management Company to undertake the construction, operation and maintenance of the PV power station, included the construction of the project into the corporate construction and management process and adopted EPC general contracting to speed up the construction of the power station and related facilities for power transmission. With the efforts of all sides, the project was constructed and put into operation in just 3 months.

Replacing direct subsidies with opportunities to get rich

On 25 August, In Yangjiashan Village in the west of Shoule County, Ledu District Haidong City, Qinghai, the Yangjiashan PV Power Station for poverty alleviation on an altitude of 2400m is transforming photo-voltaic energy into electricity that would be constantly transmitted to Qinghai Power Grid. Yangjiashan Power Station is the first PV power station for poverty alleviation in Haidong City that is connected to the grid.

Yangjiashan Village in Naoshan District has two communities with 160 households and 533 people. The local economy mainly relies on growing agricultural products such as potato and soybean, animal husbandry and the export of labor. Restricted by the high altitude, cold weather and other environmental factors, it is difficult for agricultural products to grow well in the area. In years with severe draught or natural disasters such as hail, the village would even witness zero grain production. As a result, life is hard for the local villagers, as the per capita annual income of poor residents is less than 2730 RMB. In 2015, Yangjiashan became the targeted village for poverty alleviation of State Grid.

“In the past, people used to equal poverty alleviation to subsidy. Therefore, after careful survey and research, we decided to make full use of the advantage of being a grid utility to build PV power station for poverty alleviation to provide poor households with the opportunities to get rich instead of just giving them subsidies”, said related person in charge of State Grid Qinghai Electric Power Company. On 25 June, 2017, the Yangjiashan 300KV PV power station for poverty alleviation wholly invested by State Grid Qinghai Electric Company was put into operation with an expected annual average power generation of 412.3MWh and an annual hour of PV energy use of 1338.7. It is predicted that the project could generate an annual income of 100,000 RMB for the village, or 3000 RMB for each of 130 poor residents in the 46 households. Currently, the power station has generated 44MWh of power. “With long-term and stable income, we have the resource and confidence to change our lives. After getting our share of the profit, we will make full use of the vast unpolluted land to jointly establish a green herb growing collaborative community for common prosperity”, said Chairman of Yangjiashan Village Community with expectation and hope for a bright future.

On 18 August, 2017, Haidong Power Supply Company affiliated to State Grid Qinghai Electric Power Company was awarded by the people’s government of Ledu District with the title of “Outstanding Company in Poverty Alleviation for the Year 2016”, which marks that the company’s contribution to poverty alleviation in 2016 is fully recognized by the local government.


The Role of a Responsible Central Enterprise


In 2016, the installed capacity of new energy in Qinghai reached 7.5084GW, accounting for more than 3/10 of the totaled installed capacity of Qinghai Grid. With the help of a series of technological achievements in the operation and management of the grid connection of PV power, the transmission and consumption of renewable energy and the testing of power generation systems, new energy is being constantly transmitted from Qinghai through Qinghai-Tibet Grid Interconnection and the 750KV second channel of Xinjiang-Northwest Grid Interconnection. In 2016, Qinghai Grid, for the first time, transmitted 674GWh of surplus PV power to east China, Central China and Jiangsu Grid through trans-regional trade, including 1GWh of power generated by Maduo 10MW PV Power Station for Poverty Alleviation. Besides, the power generated by the Maduo project is also directly purchased by local users, which made the local consumption of new energy possible. This year, State Grid Qinghai Electric Power Company will continue to transmit 1TWh of clean power to the rest of the country to promote the optimized allocation of clean energy in Qinghai nationwide.

Under the guidance of the success of Maduo 10MW PV Power Station for poverty alleviation, the three PV power station in Hainan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Qinghai have been connected to the grid and have generated more than 20GWh of power. They will be the source of subsidy for the 2,778 poor households being registered for 20 years in a roll with an average of 4,000 RMB for each household, benefiting 55,600 households with a total subsidy of 220 million RMB. Other PV power stations for poverty alleviation are also being planned or under construction.

Ma Fengsheng, Head of the Poverty Alleviation and Development Bureau of Qinghai, said that State Grid took the lead among all companies involved in targeted poverty alleviation in Qinghai in taking concrete actions with the greatest influence and the best effects, which fully shows the brand image of a responsible central enterprise.

Source: State Grid News


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