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Corporate Culture

Our Identity: leader of global energy revolution, pioneer in serving the people and the nation

Our Mission: promoting re-electrification, building energy intergrid, meeting power demand with clean and green alternatives.
Our Tenet: building a power utility by the people and for the people
Grid development philosophy: safe, quality, affordable, green and efficient
Core values: Customer-oriented, professional and dedicated, ever-improving

Corporate spirit: in search of excellence, in pursuit of outperformance
Strategic goal: building world-class intergrid enterprise with outstanding competitiveness
Strategic steps: Building up a modernized corporation with “A strong Grid, Excellent Assets, Excellent Services and Excellent Performance” in all respects; making major progress in building world-class energy intergrid enterprise with outstanding competitiveness by 2020; basically building up world-class energy intergrid enterprise with outstanding competitiveness by 2025; building up world-class energy intergrid enterprise with outstanding competitiveness in all respects by 2035.

Guiding principle: “Six commitments"

● Sticking to the leadership of the Party, comprehensively implementing the decisions and policies of the Central Party Committee and the State Council and unleashing the potential of employees to run business. It is our way to success;
●Sticking to the tenet of building power utilities by the people and for the people to promote the corporate core values of being customer-oriented with professionalism, dedication, and constant improvement. It is our original aspiration;
●Sticking to promoting re-electrification, building energy intergrid and meeting global demand for power with clean and green alternatives as the fundamental mission to adapt to and lead revolutions in energy production and consumption. It is our action of responsibility;
●Sticking to building up a strong smart grid with UHV grid as the backbone and coordination among power grids of all levels to foster a widely connected, intelligent and interactive, flexible, safe and controllable new generation VSC power system as the core task. It is the key to building our solid foundation;
●Sticking to the principle of conglomerate, intensive, standard, lean, digitalized and internationalized development to constantly build a more competitive modern state-owned enterprise system with Chinese characteristics. It is the management foundation for our development;
●Sticking to quality development as a basic requirement, focusing on the development outline of “one core, three pillars” (power grid business and power equipment manufacturing, financing and international business) to strengthen reform-driven, innovation-driven, service-driven and culture-driven growth. It is an inevitable way out for development.
Strategic Thinking:Eight Highlights
● Highlighting the quality development of power grids
● Highlighting the quality development of the company
● Highlighting the development of clean energy
● Highlighting a customer-oriented approach 
● Highlighting serving the development of “Belt and Road” Initiative
● Highlighting deepening the supply-side structural reform
● Highlighting scientific and technological innovation
● Highlighting the overall leadership of the Party